Center Seating Area with Sofas and Palms

Boozehounds Restaurant Palm Springs—Where Dogs Take Their Humans

Center Seating Area with Sofas and Palms

Several nights ago a fellow writer, Susan Montgomery, and I attended a media event at Boozehounds, a new dog-friendly restaurant in Palm Springs. We were wowed by the ambiance. We

Boozehounds Exterior Dog Entrance with Doggy Door Sign
Exterior Entrance for Dogs with Doggy Door

had visited the restaurant at the end of February when the restaurant was just a shell. What we saw was a very upscale classy restaurant with an intimate dining area of enclosed booths, a community high top table, a bar to view drinks prepared by an expert mixologist, luxury seating on Art Deco sofas, a lounge area to sip cocktails, and a casual and welcoming outdoor open air patio lounge and patio bar area with its own dog entrance where dogs can escort their humans for small plates and drinks (in addition to dog treats.)

View Inside Looking Towards San Jacinto Mountains
View Inside Looking Towards the San Jacinto Mountains

But for one minute don’t think this is just a place to hang out with your dogs. This is an upscale restaurant/bar with an interior meant for fine dining and luscious cocktails. When you look out the

Co-Owner Jimmy McGill Toasting Our Visit
Co-Owner Jimmy McGill Toasting Our Vis

huge windows with peaks echoing the mountains, you see picturesque San Jacinto State Park. This place has it all and does it with lots of fun and humor but also lots of sophistication. Their New York interior designer hit it out of the park.

We were welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the opening of this new venture. The owners, Steve Piacenza, Jimmy McGill, and Bryan Rogers were on hand to show us around. The restrooms make up part of the tour with their neon lighting, elaborate wallpaper, and Hollywood photos of musicians and actors. This is a fun place.

As you look around, you see photos of the owners’ dogs as well as just plain fun shots of dogs among plants everywhere to add to the tropical feel of the place.

Intimate Enclosed Booth with Windows on Both Sides
Intimate Enclosed Booth with Windows on Both Sides

We were seated in what would be my favorite spot in the restaurant, an intimate three-sided booth with glass on two sides to make it feel cozy but not confining. We noticed others seated on the colorful Art Deco sofas with tall plants to break up the huge room and provide comfortable and more private seating.

When we were asked what cocktail we would like to try, we were very happy because we tasted mixologist

Mixologist Justin Gordon Adding Garnish on Cocktails
Mixologist Justin Gordon Adding Garnish to Cocktails

Justin Gordon’s cocktails on our first visit. We learned that he even forages for spruce in nearby Idyllwild to make his own shrubs. To add to the fun, the drinks all have dog names. We tried the Old Yeller and Aunt

Donna’s Dirty Poodle (named after owner Jimmy’s Aunt Dona Cole, a B movie actress and a debutante.) Delicious as we expected.

Our Crudos were a visually elegant sustainably sourced Bluefin Tuna and a Japanese Yellowtail. The fish is delivered everyday so there is no worry about freshness here.

Old Yeller Cocktail with Japanese Yellowtail
Old Yeller Cocktail with Japanese Yellowtail

The chef, Cory Baker, enjoys using Asian seasonings, but he told us he aims for just a hint of that flavor and not an overwhelming sense of it. One of our next courses consisted of a most unusual dish of a crunchy crispy shrimp head in a spicy red aguachile sauce. I was game and actually enjoyed it. Our other item chosen by Susan was a salad so large and full of so many fresh ingredients that it could be a main course.  That salad, called Maguro ‘tataki’ was made with a tamari garlic butter seared tuna. Again, both dishes displayed so much creativity and color that they are truly photo worthy.


Cocktails, Seared Ahi Salad, and Shrimp Ceviche
Cocktails, Seared Ahi Salad, and Shrimp Ceviche


On to our main dishes we went. We selected the Miso Chilean

Chef Cory Baker's Skirt Steak with Chile Verde Foam
Chef Cory Baker’s Skirt Steak with Chile Verde Foam

Fish & Chips and the Skirt Steak. Of the two, we highly recommend the skirt steak. The Creekstone Farms Prime Cut was topped with a chile verde foam, again displaying the chef’s ability to wow guests.

Desserts were a Budino (Italian for custard or pudding) of maple butterscotch and a Bibingka, a Filipino coconut rice flour cake.

If you have dietary concerns, there are plenty of gluten free and vegan options.

Boozehounds is a place to plan on spending a long evening or an afternoon enjoying the ambiance and all that it has to offer. Let your dog take you there or visit with a human companion.


Lounge Area with Comfortable Sofas and Dog Goodies to Purchasew
Lounge Area

Thank you, Boozehounds, for the gift of a delightful evening.